Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wukong's Hadoop Convenience Utilities

Wukong comes with a number of convenience command-line utilities for working with the hdfs as well as a few commands for basic hadoop streaming. All of them can be found in wukong's bin directory. Enumerating a few:

* hdp-put
* hdp-ls
* hdp-mkdir
* hdp-rm
* hdp-catd
* hdp-stream
* hdp-steam-flat
* and more...

HDFS utilities

These are just wrappers around the hadoop fs utility to cut down on the amount of typing:
Hadoop fs utilityWukong Convenience Command
hadoop fs -puthdp-put
hadoop fs -lshdp-ls
hadoop fs -mkdirhdp-mkdir
hadoop fs -rm hdp-rm


hdp-catd will take an arbitrary hdfs directory and cat it's contents. It ignores those files that start with a "_" character. This means we can cat a whole directory of those awful part-xxxxx files.


hdp-stream allows you to run a generic streaming task without all the typing. You almost always only need to specify input, output, num keys for partition, num sort key fields, number of reducers, and what scripts to use as the mapper and reducer. Here's an example of running a uniq:

hdp-stream /path/to/input /path/to/output /bin/cat /usr/bin/uniq 2 3 -Dmapred.reduce.tasks=10

will launch a streaming job using 2 fields for partition and 3 fields for sort keys and 10 reduce tasks. See for other options you can pass in with the "-D" flag.


There's one other extremely useful case when you don't care to specify anything about partitioners because you either aren't running a reduce or don't care how your data is sent to individual reducers. In this case hdp-stream-flat is very useful. Here's how cut off the first two fields of a large input file:

hdp-stream-flat /path/to/input /path/to/output "/usr/bin/cut -f1,2" "/bin/cat" -Dmapred.reduce.tasks=0

see wukong/bin for more useful command line utilities.


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