Thursday, January 13, 2011

Plot a FIFO in R

Recently discovered a really simple way to plot a fifo in rstats. Here's a simple example of plotting the output of your ifstat program. From one terminal do:

mkfifo ifstat_fifo
ifstat -n > ifstat_fifo

Then, in another terminal, open an R shell and do the following:

# Plot the most recent 100 seconds of inbound network traffic
> while(T){
d <- read.table(fifo("ifstat_fifo",open="read"))
x <- rbind(x,d)
x <-tail(x,100)

You may have to run it a couple times while the fifo fills with data. And here's what that looks like:


  1. Thanks for this post. However, I don't know what x is in your example. Also, I couldn't get the read.table(...) function to work but was able to use readLines(...). I'm new to R, so do you mind expanding on this post?


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